Lighthouse Summer Leadership Program

City Lights Summer Leadership Program consists of 3 areas: Service, Leadership, and Learning/Job Skills

Service component will involve working with the children, food distribution activities, clean ups in the community, camps, cooking activities with older youth, etc.

Leadership component includes group time, learning about food justice issues, how to be a mentor, planning, and is also played out in the working with kids and Farmer’s Market days

Areas of focus for Leadership topics will be:

  • Communication skills-speaking effectively, communicating ideas, giving and receiving constructive feedback, dealing with conflict biblically
  • Taking initiative-learning by way of “coaching skills” (learn, demonstrate, teach); confidence and observation skill building, learning to ask questions and seek clarification
  • Group dynamics– understanding self- i.e. assessing strengths and weaknesses, gifts, team roles, group participation
  • How to be a mentor and role model/Servant leadership modeled by Jesus, spiritual growth

Job skills will be implemented in Farmers Market activities, teaching in the community, and will utilize the skills discussed in leadership training