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Guides for the Sundays of Advent and Epiphany

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December 3, 1st Sunday of Advent, “Stay Awake”

December 10, 2nd Sunday of Advent, “Lessons & Carols” with the Malloy Brass

December 17, 3rd Sunday of Advent, Worship Service 12-17-17

December 24, 4th Sunday of Advent, “A Child Has Been Born To Us”  Worship Service 12-24-17

December 31, Worship in the Annex, “The Favor of God Was Upon Him”,   Worship Service 12-31-17

January 7, Epiphany Sunday, Baptism of the Lord, “In the Name of the Lord Jesus”,

Sundays of Fall 2017

Guides for the Sundays of Fall

(Please click on links below to view a PDF of the Worship Service Guide)

September 3, “Get Behind Me, Satan!”, Worship Service 9-3-17

September 10, “Regaining Relationships”,  Worship Service 9-10-17

September 17, “Don’t Let Your Forgiver Get Broken”,  Worship Service 9-17-17

September 24, “Is This Any Way to Run a Business?”,  Worship Service 9-24-17

October 1, “Who’s the Boss?”,  Worship Service 10-1-17

October 8, “Let Me Make This Very Clear” ,  Worship Service 10-8-17

October 15, “Foiled Again”,  Worship Service 10-15-17

October 22, Testimony from the Women’s Retreat

October 29, “Uncle!”,  Worship Service 10-29-17

November 5, “Locks and Keys”,  Worship Service 11-5-17

November 12, “Get Me to the Church On Time”,  Worship Service 11-12-17

November 19, Thanksgiving Sunday, “The Currency of the Kingdom’,

November 26, Christ the King Sunday, “Standing Before the King”,

The Sundays of Easter 2017

April 23, “Loving Jesus”, I Peter 1:3-9 

April 30, “Loving Jesus:  He Is Holy”, I Peter 1:13-25

May 7, “Loving Jesus:  The Suffering Servant”, I Peter 2:18-25   Worship Guide 5-7-17

May 14, “Loving Jesus:  The Master Builder”, I Peter 2:1-10   Worship Guide 5-14-17 Mothers Day

May 21, “Loving Jesus:  Even If It Isn’t Fair”, I Peter 3:13-22   Worship Guide 5-21-17

May 28, Ascension Sunday, “Loving Jesus:  Glory Is Coming!”, I Peter 4:12-14, 5:6-11   Worship Guide 5-28-17

June 4, Pentecost Sunday, “On All the Lord’s People”, Numbers 11:24-30   Worship Guide 6-4-17

June 11, Trinity Sunday, “Distinctive Blessings”, II Corinthians 13:11-14

The Sundays of Summer 2017

June 18, Father’s Day, “Things to Boast About”, Worship Guide 6-18-17

June 25, “A Rhetorical Question”, Worship Guide 6-25-17

July 2, “God’s Pension Plan”, Worship Guide 7-2-17

July 9, “Now, Here’s a Tongue Twister”, Worship Service 7-9-17

July 16, “Choosing Sides: Flesh vs. Spirit”, Romans E:1-11  Worship Service 7-16-17

July 23, “Tiptoes”, Romans 8:12-25  Worship Service 7-23-17

July 30, Ft. Mott Picnic, “Guaranteed to Finish”, Romans 8:26-39  Worship Service 7-30-17

August 6, “A Broken Heart’, Romans 9:1-5  Worship Guide 8-6-17

August 13, “Beautiful Feet’, Romans :t0:5-15  Worship Service 8-13-17

August 20, “What About the Old Testaments?”, Romans 11:1-24 29-32  Worship Guide 8-20-17

August 27, “Living Sacrifices”, Romans:12:1-8  Worship Service 8-27-17