Allen Gage

I am married to my wife Rhonda, with three grown stepchildren who are themselves married with children.  I was born and baptized in this church and became a member in 1978.

I have been an Elder since 1998 and full-time Clerk since 2000.  As Clerk I am responsible for attending all Session meetings and preparing the minutes for them.  In this, I ensure that the church meets all of Presbytery’s guidelines and reporting requirements.

I have been the church Treasurer since 1998 and am responsible for all church accounting reports, payroll, and financial statements.

Kym Owens

I have been coming to First Presbyterian, in Salem, since I was in 2nd grade.  I attended with my family, enjoyed Sunday school and Youth Group in High school.  This is my second time to serve as an Elder, and I have served as a Deacon and Sunday school teacher in the past. I am currently on the committee for Education and Worship and enjoy worshiping here with my family.

Reid Willis

I have been attending First Presbyterian Church for thirty-one years, that is, ever since I was born.  As I got older and got married my wife Christina has joined me, along with our two boys, Cyle and Carter.  My children represent the fifth generation of my family to be part of this congregation.  I have the honor of being on and off the Session since 2001 as a ruling Elder.  My family has held many positions in the church, from my great grandmother, May Bryner, as the church secretary and Sunday school teacher to me driving the van every Sunday.  I look forward to seeing this church grow and flourish to be a beacon of hope in our community.

Gene Zieger

I am currently a ruling Elder, serving mostly on the property board. I attend the church with my lovely wife of twenty years, Theresa Zieger.  And our daughters, Andrea and Lindsey, attend with us.  My daughter, Andrea, has the privilege of serving our church as a deacon.

Earl Gage

Chris Davenport

Vivian Bauman

Joe Krupa

Sharon Eastlack

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